Serving Knoxville for over 30 years

As trusted professionals who know kitchen construction from concept to completion, our team assists designers and builders with premium appliance solutions. From standard construction to high-end remodels, we have the brands, the knowledge, and the experience your project will need. Our services include:

  • Pre-construction consultations and reviews to get you pointed in the right direction from the very beginning.
  • Extensive showroom selections that allow your client to experience the latest appliance technology and features in person.
  • Prompt provision of product specification sheets, which means we won't delay your work.
  • On-site visits to your project during remodel or new construction as needed.
  • Post-installation consultation and demonstration mean you can count on us after the sale as well.

Designer Insights Delivered

Knowledge is powerful. It can make the difference in how people perceive your level of expertise and your ability to meet their expectations. Our monthly email newsletter emphasizes appliance features that impact design and trends, including:

  • Articles on the newest technologies in appliances, so you can stay ahead of your clients.
  • A focus on how to maximize kitchen performance with specialized luxury appliances.
  • Tips on how to plan and what problems to avoid in kitchen renovations.
  • Early notice of our sales events, another resource for your customer.

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Special Events

Friedman's showroom was specifically designed to accommodate groups large and small. From browsing the finest appliance brands to live cooking events, our showroom is a spacious venue for client meetings, association gatherings, and special events.

Need to meet with your clients? We have plenty of room for you to join customers in the showroom. We can make sure you have space to review your plans and discuss your project.

Looking for a location for your association meeting or event? We have space for up to 100 people and would be happy to help you plan and execute your next industry event. Contact us to schedule a tour of our showroom and live kitchen.

We also host several special events throughout the year, including professional training seminars and CEU events.